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1 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I210052)
2 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I210037)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I210160)
4 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I210038)

! RELATIONSHIP: Not related to H. Reed Black (Uncle of Richard L. Ricks b. 1943).

I12205   I4774 
Cheney, Sarah Jane (I210035)


DW record number: 659 
Ricks, Wanda Marine (I210036)

!All information from LDS IGI: Ba: 8830205 42 So: 1553304. 
Brooks, William (I210199)



I3416   I1955 
Hamblin, Katherine (I210149)



ORDINANCES: IGI 3.06 also lists B: 4 May 1993 JRIVE, E: 24 Aug 1993 JRIVE, SP: 18 Nov 1993 JRIVE, 16 Feb 1993 PROVO, 7 Dec 1993 PROVO, 19 Apr 1954 LOGAN.

RESIDENCES: He was born in Iowa and his father died when he was eighteen months old.  He and his mother came West in 1852 with her mother, Elizabeth BUCK Garlic.  He married in the Endowment House and they lived in Payson, Spanish Fork, and Fairview, Utah.  In 1877 they helped settle Huntington, Utah. For health reasons they moved to Oakley, Idaho in 1897.  1898 took them to Victor, Idaho where his mother lived, but the winters were so hard that in 1899 they moved to Lost River, Idaho.  Their last move was to Milo, Idaho where William died in 1902.

OCCUPATION: Farmer; he had to make his own equipment when they were in Huntington, Utah.  He took old wagon wheels and put on his plow and made a harrow from a forked tree with holes bored in it, and wooden pegs for teeth.  Also he had his own shovel handles.  He was the principal builder of the Avery Canal there.

HISTORY: "An Enduring Legacy" by Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, 1979, vol 2, pg 25:  "...The first attempt at forming a colony on Huntington Creek was in Nov 1877, when a group of settlers from Fairview answered the call.  This company travelled through Spanish Fork and Soldier canyons and what two years later would be Price, Utah.  Included were Elias and Jehu Cox, Benjamin and Heber Jones, Frederick Fenn, William H. Avery, Anthony Humbel, Elam Cheney, Charles H. Holingshead and Elam McBride.  Four women, Sarah Jane Jones, Eliza J. Avery, Rilda McBride and Olive Humbel, were also in the company.  They built dugouts on the north side of the creek and stayed in the valley that winter.
     In the spring the Avery ditch was dug to convey water to the Avery homestead and others.  Crops were planted and watered once or twice, but the prospects of realizing a good harvest were so poor that by July the settlers had all left Huntington Creek to return to their former homes.
     In Nov several of the men and a few women returned, and in December the wife of Benjamin Jones gave birth to a daughter whom they named Celestial Castle- a fitting title for one born in such surroundings.  William Avery had succeeded in building a log cabin, where a Christmas dance was held, with David Leonard, Sally Wimmer and David Cheney providing the music.  The group numbered forty-two men and seven women, necessitating some planning.  The men were finally given a number and divided into six groups, with one group dancing at a time.  It is said that the women were extremely popular.  A large piece of venison, potatoes, bread, butter, salt and pepper constituted the refreshments, which were prepared over a huge bonfire built in front of the cabin.
     Crops were planted along the north side of the creek in the spring, and the people realized a good harvest of potatoes, grain and sugar cane.  After a molasses mill was brought in, a nutritious and delicious supplement was added to the food supply.
     Settlers kept arriving, swelling the population to 1,000 by 1900.  Thus did Huntington grow and prosper, becoming a permanent settlement in Castle Valley..."

OTHER: 1880 Census for Emery Co., Utah LDS Family Record Book & Diary of Olive A. Peterson in possession of Sonia P. Aycock. LDS Ward Records, Huntington, Film GDL #026,020, sec 1, pg 3 LDS Ward Records, Spanish Fork, Film # 27-309 Box Elder Co., Ut Book 2, pg 349 Personal records of Lila Avery Skinner Personal records of Neal Clarmont Avery LDS Ward Records, Hazel, Film GDL # 007,485 Membership Rec. LDS Ward Records, Oakley, Film # 007,530 says Olive bap 7 Aug 1898 LDS Ward Records, Burley, Film # 007,360, sec 1 LDS Ward Records, Milo. Film # 007,286, sec 1 EH Records, Film # 183,406, pg 128-129, Book G #7 Births of Utah Co., 1898-1905, Provo Court House

I3239   I1781 
Avery, William Howard (I210210)

Cheney, David Pierce LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, Andrew Jenson, Vol. 4, p.483 Cheney, David Pierce, Bishop of the Boyle Heights Ward, Hollywood Stake, California, in 1923, was born July 10, 1879, in Springville, Utah, a son of David Cheney and Lodena Hutchings. He was baptized Aug. 4, 1887, and ordained a Bishop March 11, 1923, by Heber J. Grant. He acted in this capacity until Aug. 26, 1923, when the ward was divided and he became Bishop of the Belvedere Ward, Los Angeles Stake, California.

I3185   I1733 
Cheney, David Pierce (I210260)

DW record number: 1243

I8395   I4732 
Ricks, Pearl (I210032)

DW record number: 1571

I8471   I4736 
Ricks, Benjamin Harrison (I210023)

DW record number: 1575 
Ricks, Leo Milton (I210022)

DW record number: 1579 
Ricks, Constance (I210027)

DW record number: 162 
Ricks, Orian Lavell (I210080)

DW record number: 1995 
Ricks, Leland Nephi (I210024)

DW record number: 1999 
Hallstrom, Ella Fay (I210069)

DW record number: 2039

I8581   I4738 
Ricks, Mary Elizabeth (I210067)

DW record number: 2043

I8582   I4739 
Ricks, Harriett (I210142)

DW record number: 2067

I8588   I4741 
Ricks, Tabitha (I210066)

DW record number: 2111

I8599   I4743 
Ricks, Naomi (I210065)

DW record number: 2284 
Ricks, Richard (I210064)

DW record number: 2289 
Ricks, Mabel (I210063)

DW record number: 2434 
Ricks, Edith (I210062)

DW record number: 2439 
Ricks, Afton (I210061)

DW record number: 2444 
Allen, Rulon Stanford (I210060)

DW record number: 24692 Other name Sophia Nelsen Jeppesen

I94   I583 
Jeppesen, Sophia Nielsen (I210040)

DW record number: 29772 
Ricks, Marvin Hyrum (I210058)

DW record number: 3809

I9071   I4745 
Harris, Sarah Ellen (I210053)

DW record number: 403

Eldin RICKS, born in Rexburg, Idaho, March 26, 1916, the son of Hyrum Ricks and Alice Cheney. He married the former Irene Hailes June 9, 1949.  They are the parents of four children, Harold, Marjorie, Dennis and Stanford.  They have seventeen grandchildren as of 29 July 1991.

When Eldin was six years old his family moved from Rexburg to Salt Lake City and, two years later, to Southern California, where he spent the rest of his growing up years.  He served as a missionary in the East Central States mission from 1937 to 1939 and graduated from the Brigham Young University in 1941.  He taught seminary in Overton, Nevada, from 1941 to 1943.  He served in the army as chaplain in Africa and Italy during World War II and stayed in the Reserve Army, retiring as Lieutenant Colonel.  He received a Master's degree from the University of Southern California and a PhD degree in Middle East studies from Dropsie University in Philadelphia.  He also did some academic work in Jerusalem.

Conducting tours to Europe, England and the Middle East is his hobby.

He was a member of the faculty , Department of Ancient Scripture, Brigham Young University from 1949 until retirement in 1981.  He was named honorary distinguished alumnae, Ricks College in   1969.  Church assignments have included bishop, high counselor, stake mission president,Gospel Doctrine teacher, missionary to southern states, Director of Family History library in London, England on his second mission.

The books he has written include Combination Reference, Book of Mormon Commentary, Volume 1, Book of Mormon Study Guide, Story of the life of Christ, King of Kings, Wide Margin Book of Mormon, Fireside Edition of the Book of Mormon. LDS Baptism Temple Imported:LVG LDS Endowment Temple Imported:LVG 
Ricks, Eldin (I210077)

DW record number: 407

I visited Portsmouth and saw my birthplace, took a picture of it.  It was very near the birthplace of Charles Dickens.  His birthplace had a metal placque on it to identify it, mine did not.  Portsmouth is a British Navy town and I have learned that being born there entitles you to the label of being a Pompey.It is on the south coast of England, the ferry boat pier for the Isle of Wight, the ancestral home of the Hailes, Hayles family.

FAMILY RECORDS!BIRTH General Register Office St. Catherines' House, London, England--SLC gen film 26862; 26863; #235; Portsmouth film 87867, #72 Marriage; Salt Lake County GS film 429049 License 117518 Index Film 429208 Record 109 Bapt LDS film 26862, 26863, #255 Bapfized im Jordan River, rear of 1081 Calif. Ave. Salt Lake City, Utah Confirmed 27 June 1918 Cannon Ward chapel 14th South and 8th West SLC Attended Riverside School, 6th South and 8th West, grades 1-6 except second grade.  Attended Cannon Ward Annex for second grade.  Attended Jordan Jr. High School for grades seven through ninth.  Then went to West High School for grades ten through twelve.

Wemt to University of Utah , majoring in elementary education for two years. Depression years started, impossible to get a teaching position.  Stayed out of school for one year and then went back for two years, getting a Bachelor of Science in elementary education.  Graduated in 1933 from University of Utah.

Did graduate work at Brigham Young University after World War II during the years 1946, 1947, 1948 
Hailes, Irene (I210076)

DW record number: 42 
Ricks, Marc (I210082)

DW record number: 459 
Ricks, Welby Willis (I210075)

DW record number: 46 
Jones, Jennie Merrill (I210081)
35 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I210125)
36 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I210117)
37 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I210074)
38 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I210095)
39 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I210156)

DW record number: 623 
Ricks, Norma Alice (I210049)
41 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I210072)
42 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I210071)

DW record number: 755

I34   I593 
Ricks, Daniel (I210029)

DW record number: 759

I35   I592 
Jones, Sarah Elizabeth (I210123)

DW record number: 935

I36   I600 
Ricks, Wilford Albert (I210026)

DW record number: 939

I37   I596 
Pincock, Anna Belle (I210119)

From IGI data

I3342   I1882 
Thorsen, Hans Carlson (I210173)

Hutchings, Stephen LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, Andrew Jenson, Vol. 3, p.419 Hutchings, Stephen, the fourth Bishop of Victor Ward (Teton Stake), Teton county, Idaho, was born April 30, 1863, at Springville, Utah county, Utah, the son of Shepherd Pierce Hutchings and Eliza Ann Pectol. He was baptized Feb. 5, 1885, by James E. Hall and confirmed the same day by Benjamin T. Blanchard; was ordained an Elder, Dec. 22, 1885, by Nephi Packard and married in the Logan Temple Jan. 6, 1886, to Tilitha E. Kerswell (daughter of William Kerswell and Sarah Garlick), who was born July 21, 1864, at Springville, Utah. She bore her husband six children, namely, Geneva May, Talitha Grace, Reba, Erma Ann, Leo Stephen and Ersal Luzell. Brother Hutchings was ordained a Seventy Dec. 8, 1889, by Franklin P. Whitmore and labored as a Ward teacher for twenty-one years. In 1913 he labored as a missionary in Springville and vicinity. He moved to Victor, Teton county, Idaho, in 1914, arriving there on the 2nd of May. He was ordained a High Priest Dec. 26, 1915, by William R. Durrant and set apart as second counselor to Bishop Joseph A. Johnson, which position he held until May 21, 1916, when he was ordained a Bishop by Apostle Joseph F. Smith, jun. and set apart to preside over the Victor Ward, which position he still holds.

I3350   I1890 
Hutchings, Stephen (I210165)

Dannon Scott Steiger, age 18, died May 13, 1997 in St. George, Utah.

He was born March 30, 1979 in Richfield, Utah, a son of Brent E. and Stephanie Chappel Steiger. He was an honor student and athlete at North Sevier High School, currently serving as Senior Class President. He was a member of the LDS Church.

He is survived by his parents of Saline; brother, Matthew Steiger of Salt Lake City; grandparents: Dale and Anna Chappel, Earl and Marilyn Steiger, all of Salina; great-grandmother, Grace Martin of Salina.

Funeral services will be held Friday, May 16, 1997 at 12 noon in the Salina LDS Stake Center, 98 West 400 No., in Salina. Friends may visit with the family at the Springer Turner Funeral Home in Salina Thursday evening from 7-9 p.m. and at the stake center Friday morning from 10-11:30 a.m., prior to the services. Burial will be in the Salina Pioneer Cemetery under the direction of the springer Turner Funeral home of Richfield and Salina, Utah. 
Steiger, Dannon Scott (I40944)

This database is an index to over 2 million deaths that were registered in Ontario between 1869 and 1938. The database also includes deaths of Ontario military personnel overseas from 1939-1947.

Information contained in this index includes:

    Name of deceased
    Death date
    Estimated birth year (calculated from age in years at time of death)
    Ontario county of death

Please note that not all of the above listed information may be available for all individuals. Information available in the index is dependent on the amount of information recorded in the original record.

Each name is linked to an image of the actual death register or certificate in which the individual was recorded. Additional information may be found on the image that is not included in the keyed index.

Civil registration began in Ontario on 1 July 1869. The Office of the Registrar General maintains the records and issues certificates for all vital events. Each year an additional year of vital records are transferred from the Registrar General to the Archives of Ontario where the records are then closed for a year while being microfilmed. The Archives of Ontario currently has death registrations on microfilm for the years 1869-1938. This database includes the registrations up to 1938.

In addition to the Archives of Ontario, these records are also available on microfilm at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Source (S2998)

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