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The following is quoted from Jean B. Lewis:
"Cole and Nellie were married for 56 years when he died. He was 21 and she was 16 when they married. They celebrated their 50th anniversary June 15, 1963. Their cake was 3-tier with white icing and yellow roses. Their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren helped to celebrate. Many pictures were taken and we all felt blessed to have each other and such a large family." 
Family F37651
The marriage ceremony was performed by Norman Urquhart, JP. 
Family F37343
153 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F37785
154 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F37803
155 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F37784
156 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F37795
Will 12/5/1804 Probate 22/9/1808 
Mursell, James (I230493)
Wills, Liber 14 Folio 568 Worcester County, MD, Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD, John Roach.
Will Liber EB 9, pp 66 and 111, Somerset Registry of wills.

In the name of God Amen. The eighth day of February in the year of our Lord God one thousand Seven Hundred and Eighteen, I John Roach Senr. of Annamessex in the County of Somerset and Province of Maryland, being of good and perfect memory thanks be to Almighty God.

Item. I give and bequeath to my eldest son John Roach and to his heirs forever after my wife Sarah's decease all that tract of land called by the name of Makepeace containing one hundred and fifty acres being the plantation whereon I now live with all the houses and orchards & c with fifty acres more adjoining thereto out of the lands called Exchange to him the said John and his heirs forever.

Item. I give unto my son Nathaniel and to his heirs forever two hundred acres of land called Bald Ridge.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my son Michael one hundred and fifty acres the remaining part of the aforesaid land called Exchange to him the said Michael and to his heirs forever.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my son Samuel and to his heirs forever one hundred and fifty acres of land called Cabbin Swamp.

Item. I give unto my four sons aforesaid all my marsh land to dispose among themselves as they shall see convenient and as to my personal estate it is my real desire my wife Sarah my full and sole executrix shall enjoy the same during her widowhood but if she should intermarry the said personal estate to be divided amongst my seven daughters Vizt. Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, Abigail, Arabella, Rebeccah and Hannah, my wife's part always considered.

As witness my hand and seal the day and year aforesd.
John Roach (Seal) (Testator)

Witnesses J. West, John West, Stephen Horsey, Thomas West.
On 17 March 1717 probated by John West and Stephen Horsey. 
Roach, John Sr. (I149111)
159 "CLEMENT AND JOB, REFORMATION, TRUE LOVE, ELIZABETH BONAVENTURE, SEA FLOWER, PLANTER, NEPTUNE" These ships `bound for New England & now lying in the River of Thames,' were held by order of the Privy Council on February 22 [1634], `until further order.'  On February 28 they were released under bond of £100 to conform to certain `articles.'  It is probable that most of them came into Boston during the week of May 12-17 `with store of passengers and cattle.' Willard, Simon Maj. (I24380)
160 "CONFIDENCE" of London (two hundred tons), John Gibson, Master.  She sailed from Southampton the last of April, 'by vertue of the Lord Treasuurers warrant of the 11th of April, 1638.' Haynes, Mary (I26758)
161 "CONFIDENCE" of London (two hundred tons), John Gibson, Master.  She sailed from Southampton the last of April, 'by vertue of the Lord Treasuurers warrant of the 11th of April, 1638.' Blandford, Mrs. Mary (I28634)
162 "HECTOR",  'There arrived two ships from London, the HECTOR and the (blank).  In these came Mr. Davenport and another minister, and Mr. Eaton and Mr. Hopkins, two merchants of London, men of fair estates and of great esteem for religion and wisdom in outward affairs.'  In the HECTOR came also the Lord Ley, son and heir of the Earl of Marlborough. Eaton, Samuel (I21854)
163 "LYON,"  William Pierce, Master.  She left London June 22 and arrived September 16 at Boston.  'He brought one hundred and twenty three passengers, whereof fifty children, all in health." Curtis, William Sr. (I22332)
164 "One of the first children born in the colony." Warren, Nathaniel Sr. (I18397)
165 "PLANTER" of London, Nicholas Trerice, Master.  She sailed from London about April 10, and arrived at Boston June 7, following Davis, George Sr. (I22865)
166 "The funeral of Mrs. Eliza Applebee, relict of Abram Applebee, was held from the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Edward Jaycox, Thursday, p.m. Rev. H.P. Craig officiated." Schermerhorn, Eliza (I24163)
167 "To wife, Dorkiss, the dwelling, some land, riding horse, etc.; so sons Richard & Thomas, meadow at Merrick west neck; to dau. Dorkiss Lester eight acres at Newfield; to dau. Elizabeth Gildersleeve eight acres; to Phebe Tickstone a cow.  Son Richard exr. Wits: John Sering & Joseph Pettit. Gildersleeve, Richard Jr. (I24879)
168 "TRUELOVE", John Gibbs, Master.  She sailed in September, 1635 probably, from London and arrived in Boston, MA Late in November 1635 Preston, Sarah (I39117)
169 (7-1850) Durrett, Sarah Jane (I159704)
170 (unknown vessel) left the port of Weymouth,Dorset, England in March 1635 led by Rev. Joseph HULL and arrived May 5, 1635.  Went to Wessaguscus Plantation by permission of the General Court which officially changed the name of the settlement to Weymouth in July 1635 Allen, George Sr. (I24103)
171 -----------------------------------
Approximately 100 years had passed since Norman Urquhart and his wife, the former Janet Bethune had settled in North Carolina, after having left Scotland to begin a new life in the Colonies. During this time, the United States had fought 3 wars, and the population was migrating westward. The Civil War had devastated the South and many Southerners were joining the westward migration. Included in this movement was Alexander Urquhart II, his wife the former Louisa Barnett and their young children.

In 1874, this family settled in Washington County, Texas, somewhere near the present city of Brenham. This area consisted of small rolling hills, running rivers abounding with fish, and wild game was plentiful, quite similar to what they had left behind in Alabama. They remained in this area for about 12 years and they got the urge to move further to the west.

About 1886, they arrived in the Texas Hill Country settling in the San Saba County area. This was a drastic change from the areas they had left behind. The terrain was very hilly, rocky and dry. There were fewer rivers and the game was much smaller in size but the land was plentiful and waiting to be settled. It was here that Alexander and Louisa raised their family, lived out their lives, and were buried.
Family F37232
172 2B 261 Dec Qtr Mursell, Henry William (I230463)
173 A leader of the 1st Crusade; Captured at Antioch Hauteville, Robert I de King of Naples (I3791)
174 A well derived tradition about Grace MARTIN is worth inserting.  Her lover in England was false and married another.  She left her native land, and came to New England to relatives, the respectable family of MARSH (of Hadley), but in ignorance of their residence or want of funds (or both), on reaching Boston, was in danger of being sold for her passage before relief came from her friends.  One version of the story goes further, that she was sold; but it is good enough without this. Martin, Grace (I11532)
175 Abigail Waite, she was the widow of Thomas Jones. Abigail was the daughter of Richard Waite of Boston by his 2nd wife Rebecca. Waite, Abigail (I18347)
176 born ca 1613 in Suffolk County, England, the daughter of the Rev. Christopher and Margaret (?) Youngs of Reydon and Southwold, Suffolk County, England. Baptised 1 July 1613 at Southold. ("New England Families," William Richard Cutter, Vol III).
   Married Thomas Moore II, probably in England in 1635, the same year they immigrated to the New World with Martha's brothers Christopher Jr. and Joseph and Joseph's wife. Thomas Moore II was born ca 1615 in Southwold, the son of Thomas I and Ann (?) Moore, who were in Salem by 1631 ("Historical and Biographical Sketches of Northeastern Long Island" Judy Jackson, p-5/9, 49/50). 
Youngs, Martha (I28771)
177 Brigadier-General Silas NEWCOMB served with distinction in Revolutionary War.
   Lt Col 1775;
   Col of Continental Army 1776;
   Brig-Gen of Militia 15 Mar 1776.
   Resigned 4-Dec-1777. 
Newcomb, Silas Gen. (I33609)
178 ca. 1785: purchased the D.S., where he kept tavern until his death in 1807 Buster, Major Claudius Patriot (I28025)
179 Captain in the Colonial Militia Bulkeley, Joseph Capt. (I28770)
180 Captain in the wars under Queen Elizabeth I and was slain early in life. Dudley, Roger Capt. (I22106)
181 Carpenter, Merchant
   He was a Merchant of London but it is not known where he was born or raised. 
Warren, Richard Sr. (I22251)
182 DW record number: 519

BIRTH PLACE: Terminal was West of Salt Lake City, It is now in the City limits, and is not shown on any current maps.

BIRTH PLACE: Terminal was West of Salt Lake City, It is now in the City limits, and is not shown on any current map.

BIRTH: Birth Certificate.  6315 Pt 2 Hyrum, Utah Ward Records.

BLESSED:  by Jas. Balfour.

MARRIAGE:  Marriage Certificate.

BAPTISM:  Baptism Certificate. Baptized by David Harrison.

ENDOWMENT:   184083 TIB Salt Lake Temple

SEAL SPOUSE:  Temple Marriage Certificate; by Joseph Christensen.

MISSION: Served in Pennsylvania. Served second Mission in Nauvoo, Illinois.

RELATIONSHIP:  Patron, H. Reed Black (Uncle of Richard L. Ricks b. 1943), is
Black, Focha (I210187)
183 Ensign John MASON Jr was born on 22 Jan 1677 in Newton,Ma.  He died on 24 Mar 1738 in Lexington,Ma.  He was elected as Assesor and others. active in town affairs being assessor, Constable, Town Clerk, Selectman, Justice of the peace  He served in the military in Ensign  Massachusetts Militia.  served in French and Indian War in Capt. Benjamin A. Reeds Co.
  He was married to Elizabeth SPRING on 18 Oct 1699 in Lexington,Ma. Elizabeth SPRING was born on 7 Apr 1675 in Newton,Ma. 
Mason, John Ensign (I17828)
184 Ensign on the Colonial Militia Morse, John Deacon (I10685)
185 Haysville Journal, 11 Dec 1879 Vol. 5, No. 24 (Ashland Co., Ohio USGenWeb Site):
"DIED -- In this place on the 30th day of November, 1879, Mrs. Mary Black.  The deceased was the eldest daughter of the late William Ryland, one of our earliestsettlers, and was well known in this community.  After long and painful conflicts and sufferings she passed away we have reason to hope to a better world." 
Ryland, Mary Ann (I203198)
186 He came to Albemarle Co., VA in 1765.  He purchased the interest of his brother George in 1775.  His home was on the waters of Buck Mountain Creek. Rogers, Giles (I18231)
187 He owned property near Heeren Gracht, adjoining Abm. Riker. In or about 1650 he removed to Poor Bowery (on the south shore of Bowery Bay in Long Island City) where he died between 1681 and 1684.  His widow survived him many years...  [their sons] settled in the Manor of Cortlandt, Westchester, NY assumed the name of Krankheyt (now written Kronkhite or Cronkhite) and have many descendants there." Howard Banker quoting James Riker. pp. 36 Siboutszen, Herck (I24602)
188 He served as a surgeon with the Spanish government forces in Madrid

  After a visit to the Soviet Union in 1935 he joined the Communist Party.  This commitment took him to the Spanish Civil War in 1936 where he organized a mobile blood-transfusion service, the first of its kind, to operate on a 1000 km front. 
Bethune, Henry Norman MD (I63408)
189 I59   I590 Ricks, Eleanor (I210100)
190 I60   I606 Ricks, Willard (I210099)
191 In 1637, he was an adherent of Mr. Wheelwright, and signed the remonstrance against the proceeding of the court; but, on expressing his regret, his signature was erased.  He was active in military matters, and one of the leading citizens of the new town.  Mr. Everett, in his address commemorative of the bicentennial of the arrival of Winthrop at Charlestown, in speaking of the three brothers, Ralph, Richard and William Sprague, says they were "the founders of the settlement in this place," and "were persons of character substance and enterprise; excellent citizens; generous public benefactors; and the heads of a very large and respectable family of descendants."  Richard Sprague was a captain of the Charlestown train-band, and represented that town in the General Court in 1644, and from 1659 to 1666.  He was first sergeant of the Artillery Company in 1652, ensign in 1659, and lieutenant in 1665.  He died, November 25, 1668.  His will dated September 15, preceding, names his wife, Mary, but no children of his town.  The sons of his brother Ralph are mentioned in it.  He gave to Harvard College thirty ewes, with their lambs. This was among the earliest donations to that college.  His homestead in Charlestown consisted of "three acres of earable land, ... with a dwelling house and other aptinances," situated "in the east field, butting southwest and west upon the street way, bounded on the southeast by Gravell Lane."  The Charlestown Land Records, p. 41, describe thirteen different pieces of real estate in Charlestown as the possession of Richard Sprague.  He bequeathed his sword to his brother William, of Hingham, which, in 1828, was in the possession of his descendants. Sprague, Richard Capt. (I15787)
192 In his will, drawn in 1805, Phineas Brown names his wife Phebe and his children.  His wife Phebe and her sister Wait, wife of Sylvester SWEET, were the sole heirs of her father's estate. Brown, Phineas (I34893)
193 Inventory of Estate 25 Mar 1680 by 2nd wife Elizabeth & oldest son William by former marriage (NY Wills 66:108)  He was son of Thomas LAWRENCE (1588-1625) and Joan ANTRBUS of St. Albans., m. 1609.  Widow Joan m. (2) Thomas TUTTLE; came 1635 to America with three children; John 1618-1699 of NYC, NY, 1658; William and Marie; also three TUTTLE children. Lawrence, William Capt. (I24482)
194 Isaac Stearns came to America in 1630, possibly in the same ship as Gov. Winthrop and Sir Richard Saltonstall, and settled in Watertown, near Mount Auburn.  He was admitted a freeman in 1631, which is the earliest date of any such admission, and he was Selectman several years.  The births of only 3 of his children are recorded in the town records.  His pedigree has not been ascertained, nor is it certainly known what town he came from, but it is very probably that he came from the Parish of Nayland in Suffolk, as there are christening records of a Mary and an Anna in 1626 and 1628, daughters of Isaac Sternes. Stearns, Isaac Sr. (I12481)
195 Jan (Dutch) John (English) Harmensen, Jan (I26877)
196 John was a Planter arriving Cornwallis in 1761. "Planter" was an Elizabethan term for colonists to Nova Scotia from 1749 to 1775 included the area north of the Bay of Fundy which, in 1784, was made into the province of New Brunswick. St. John's Island was also nominally a part of Nova Scotia, but in 1769 became PEI. The Protestant Planters settled initially in Cornwallis, Horton, Falmouth and Newport. b Lebanon now Columbia Conn. The Newcomb farm in east Cornwallis was left to his son John, then his son John and was later occupied by his great-grandson, Elder John Samuel Newcomb who had a son named John Stewart Newcomb. Newcomb, John Jr. (I21687)
197 m#2 Henry ABROSE Worcester, Mrs. Susannah (I32335)
198 m#2: Eltweed POMEROY (1585-1673) Brown, Lydia (I27774)
199 Member of Cloth Makers Guild of London
   In 1551 was Master of Clothesworkers company of London (1551) 
Winthrop, Adam Viscount of Groton (I15280)
200 MG: IGI 3.02 lists same date, Sugar Creek, Jackson, Missouri, SS: 27 Nov 1990 SLAKE; and same date, , 19 Nov 1991 SLAKE; and 1846, Providence, Bedford, Pennsylvania, 3 Mar 1990 IFALL. Family F81942

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