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101 S1635 Sherwood, George Frederick Tudor, 1867- comp. (Main). "American colonists in English records; a guide to direct references in authentic records, passenger lists not in "Hotten," &c., &c., &c.". (Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1961); LC CALL NO.: E187.5.S53; FORMAT: Book; LCCN: 63-528 //r92.
102 S256 Burke, John Bernard. "American Families with British Ancestry". (Baltimore:MD, Clearfield Publishing Co., 1891-1895, reprinted 1997).
103 S374 MyFamily.com. "American Genealogical-Biographical Index". CD-ROM Index of American Genealogical-Biographical Index(Orem:UT, Ancestry.com, 1999).
104 S890 Jacobus, Donald Lines. "American Genealogist Vol 67, no. 4, Oct 1992". (Rockport:ME, Picton Press, 1989), American Genealogist, Vol 67 , 1857.
105 S268 Post, Hoyt. "American Lineage of Hoyt Post: of Detroit, MI". (Detroit:MI, Hoyt Post, 1908), photocopy from Louise Davidson; 5646 Parkwood, Gladwin, MI 48624.
106 S212 Edited and Compiled by William Montgomery Clemens. "American Marriage Records Before 1699". (Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, The Bilbio Company Publishers, 1926).
107 S97 Leksikon, Norsk Diografisk. "Americans of Royal Descent". (Norway, 1910), v.4, p.351-353.
108 S109 Browning, Charles Henry. "Americans of Royal Descent; collection of genealogies showing the lineal descent from kings of some American families ... ". (Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1969); LC CALL NO.: CS55.B81969; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 67-29402 //r92.
109 S238 Cutler, Kenneth Ross. "An American story, 1976 : the Cutler family celebrates America's Bicentennial.". ([San Pedro, Calif.] : Cutler, [1976]), LC CALL NO.: CS71.C9891976; LCCN: 79-310035.
110 S997 Whyte, Thomas, 1717-1777. (Main); Alfred A. Bethune-Baker (Supl.). "An historical and genealogical account of the Bethunes of the Island of Sky". (London : A. Chilver, 1893.), FHL Film #: 0277980; LC CALL NO.: Microfilm85/5621(C); FORMAT: Book [Microform]; LCCN: 85-123193.
111 S1958 "AN INDEX TO INDIANA NATURALIZATION RECORDS Found in Various Order Books of the Ninety-Two Local Courts prior to 1907.". (Indianapolis: Family History Section, Indiana Historical Society, 1981); 172p..
112 S1026 Theroff, Paul. "An Online Gotha". Royal Genealogy Web Site(http://pages.prodigy.net/ptheroff/gotha/gotha.htm, Paul Theroff (PTheroff@aol.com, ICQ 21820170), 12 Jan 2002).
113 S886 Holman, Mary Lovering. "Ancestors & Descedants of John Coney". (Cambridge : J. Wilson and Son, 1885), LC CALL NO.: Microfilm84/8220(C), LCCN: 84-248434.
114 S298 Converse, Charles. "Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel Converse, Jr.". (Boston:MA, NEHGS, 1905), NEHGS #P3-11500.
115 S876 Roberts, Gary Boyd. (Main) Otto, Julie Helen. (Added) New England Historic Genealogical Society. (Added). "Ancestors of American presidents". (Santa Clarita, Calif. : Published in cooperation with the New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, Massachusetts by C. Boyer, 3rd, 1989); ISBN: 0-936124-14-8; LC CALL NO.: CS69.R591989; FORMAT: Book; LCCN: 89-60192 //r90.
116 S1309 John Wm. Linzee, Jr.. "Ancestors of Peter Parker and Sarah Ruggles".
117 S332 Allen, Barbara Ann Phelps , b. 1877 (Main Author). "Ancestors of the children of Hyrum Smith Phelps". (Salt Lake City : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1986).
118 S482 Austin, John Osborne , 1849-1918. "Ancestral Dictionary of Rhode Island". (Central Falls, R.I. : E.L. Freeman, [1891?]); Location: FHL US/CAN Book; Format: Books/Monographs (With Film); Also on microfilm. Salt Lake City : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1979. on 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.; FHL US/CAN Film 035200 Item 6.
119 S793 Boyer, Carl, 1937- (Main). "Ancestral lines : 144 families in England, Germany, New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania". (Newhall:Calif., Boyer, 1975), LC CALL NO.: CS71.B7921975; LCCN: 74-84788.
120 S940 Colonial Dames of America. Chapter I, Baltimore. (Main). "Ancestral records and portraits; a compilation from the archives of Chapter I, the Colonial Dames of America". (Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1969); LC CALL NO.: E186.5.B251969; FORMAT: Book; LCCN: 68-57950.
121 S284 Bartlett, J. Gardner. "Ancestry and Descendants of Deacon Gregory Stone of Cambridge, Mass. 1320 - 1917". (Boston:MA, published for the Stone Family Association, 1918); (Boston:MA, NEHGS, 1918), photocopy; NEHGS #P3-55000.
122 S206 Steele, Lorissa Eliza Curtis. "Ancestry and descendants of William Curtis of Marcellus, N.Y.". (Salt Lake City : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1973);.
123 S1313 Anderson. "Ancestry and Posterity of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale".
124 S179 Anderson, Mary Audentia Smith, 1872-. "Ancestry and posterity of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale, with little sketches of their immigrant ancestors, all of whom came to America between the years 1620 and 1685, and settled in the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut, compiled and written by Mary Audentia Smith Anderson. ". (Independence, Mo. [Herald publishing house] 1929);.
125 S1403 The Generations Network. "Ancestry Family Trees," database.
126 S2869 The Generations Network. "Ancestry Family Trees," database.
127 S111 Holman, Mary Lovering. "Ancestry of Colonel John Harrington Stevens and Frances Helen Miller". (Boston:MA, NEHGS, 1948), NEHGS #P3-54500; email reply from: fantome@netcom.com (William M Jacobson).
128 S307 Gladden, Sanford Charles. "Ancestry of Mary Blanchard Cutter (1823-1908)". ([Boulder, Colo.] : S.C. Gladden, 1964), LC CALL NO.: CS71.C991964; LCCN: 89-120739.
129 S474 Robinson, Gertrude, 1876- [from old catalog]. "Ancestry of Sons of Liberty". (New York, E. P. Dutton and company, 1941); LC Classification: PZ9.R56 So; Geog. Area Code: n-us---.
130 S134 Lewis, Marlyn. "Ancestry of the President, Marlyn Lewis: Mayflower Association". Genealogy of Marlyn Lewis(Boston:MA, Mayflower Association, 1997).
131 S192 Tinney, Thomas Milton, 1941- (Main). "Ancient and modern genealogies with temple (Church of Jesus Christ of LDS) records.". ([Salt Lake City, Tinney-Green(e) Family Organization Pub. Co., 1973]); LC CALL NO.: CS71.T58961973; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 73-154453.
132 S11 Gentala, Peter Grard. "Ancient Genealogy & Mythology: Genealogical Research of Peter Grard Gentala". E-mail documentation (Genealogy Forum, America Online, 2 Jan 1996) , Peter Grard Gentala (rocksword@aol.com).
133 S155 NEHGS. "Andover Vital Statistics". 1630-1850 (Topsfield Hist. Soc.) NEHGS, photocopy NEHGS #P2-67600.
134 S142 Newcomb, Bethuel Merritt. "Andrew Newcomb and His Descendants 1618-1686.". (Boston:MA, NEHGS, 1923), NEHGS #P3-41515.
135 S1613 Ramsay, James Henry, Sir, bart., 1832-1925.. "Angevin Empire". (Lond., S. Sonnenschein & co. ltd.; N. Y., The Macmillan co., 1903).
136 S96 Playfair, William, 1759-1823. (Main) Prettyman, E. Searle, donor. (Added). "Anglo Saxon Bishops, Kings & Nobles". (London : T. Reynolds and H. Grace, 1811); FORMAT: Book ;LCCN: 92-155526.
137 S662 Nicholas, Thomas. "Annals and antiquities of the counties and county families of Wales". (Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1991); ISBN: 0-8063-1314-5 (set) 0-8063-1316-1 (vol. 1) 0-8063-1315-3 (vol. 2) ; LC CALL NO.: DA713.N51991; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 91-72170.
138 S1625 Lofts, Norah. "Anne Boleyn". (New York:NY, Coward, McCann & Geolegan Inc., (US); George Rainbird Ltd., 36 Park Street, London WIY 4De England, 1980), ISBN 0-698-11005-6.
139 S641 Hemmingway, Mrs. Donna L.. "Archive Records of Jeffrey and William Malt and family". Family Genealogy(Salt Lake City:UT, Family History Society, n.d.).
140 S1631 Velde, Fran├žois. "Armory of Old Regime (pre-1789) French Peerage". (http://www.heraldica.org/topics/france/peerage2.htm, Fran├žois Velde (mailto:velde@heraldica.org) Web Pages, Feb 09, 2001).
141 S412 Armstrong Clan Society. (Added). "Armstrong chronicles". ([Redan, GA : Armstrong Clan Society, 1987- ); ISSN: 0898-1329 ; LC CALL NO.: CS71.A7394; FORMAT: Serial ; LCCN: 88-648176.
142 S36 compiled by Richard Ricks [(E-ADDRESS), & MAILING ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE], Cedar Hills, UT, 84062. "Artel Ricks.ged," supplied by Ricks, 10 Jan 2010; copy held by [RESEARCHER & CONTACT INFORMATION FOR PRIVATE USE]\..
143 S1408 Talmage, James E.. "Articles of Faith". (Salt Lake City:UT, Deseret Book Company, September 1970).
144 S694 Dr. Paul L. Atcheley & Mary Ann Morris Thompson. "Atchley Family History - Including: Long, Maples, Scoggin, and Griffith Families". (Knoxville:TN, Chandler Printers, 1965).
145 S1954 Augusta County Land Recorder. "Augusta County, Virginia Land Deed Books". 21 May 1782, Land Transfer, Augusta Co., VA, Deed Book #23, p. 448;.
146 S341 Phelps, Morris Charles. "Autobiography of Morris Charles Phelps". diaries, n.d., Lines, Maxine Phelps, Salt Lake City : Genealogical Society of Utah.
147 S401 Babcock, Stephen. "Babcock and Allied Families Genealogy". (Boston:MA, NEHGS, 1903) NEHGS #P3-01700.
148 S151 Banks, Charles Edward, 1854-1931. (Added). "Banks genealogical collection". (Washington : Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1978); LC CALL NO.: CS434 Microfilm 51304; FORMAT: Book [Microform] ; LCCN: 84-187195.
149 S1945 comp. Lorraine Cook White. "Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records: Haddam, CT". (Baltimore:MD, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1996).
150 S118 compiled by Captain John A. Barskdale. "Barksdale family history and genealogy with collateral lines". (Richmond, Va. : Printed by the William Byrd Press, 1940); ISBN: 0-916497-62-3 (microfiche); LC CALL NO.: Microfiche85/149(C); FORMAT: Book [Microform].

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