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51 S305 Backus, William W.. "A Genealogical Memoir of the Backus Family". (Boston:MA, NEHGS, 1889), NEHGS #P3-0177000.
52 S181 Huntington, Elijah Baldwin, 1816-1877. (Main). "A genealogical memoir of the Lo-Lathrop family in this country embracing the descendants, as far as known, of the Rev. John Lothropp ...". (Ridgefield, Conn. : Julia M. Huntington, 1884); LC CALL NO.: Microfilm8655(C); FORMAT: Book [Microform] ; (Boston:MA, NEHGS, 1884), NEHGS #P3-32500.
53 S763 Pond, Daniel Streator. "A genealogical record of Samuel Pond, and his descendants / by Daniel Streator Pond". (Rochester, Lorain County, Ohio ; [New London, Ohio : Printed for the compiler by G.W. Runyan], 1875); New Haven Magazine on POND family, 20 Jun 1942;.
54 S1762 Edmund Rice Association.. "A Genealogical Register of Edmund Rice descendants, or, The continuation of the descendants found in A.H. Ward's "Rice family" of 1858 and in the 1967 "supplement" to that book / Ray Lowther Ellis, managing editor.". (Rutland, Vt. : Privately printed for the Association by C.E. Tuttle Co., 1970);.
55 S888 Waite, D. Byron (Dennis Byron), b. 1828. (Main). "A genealogical sketch of a branch of the Wait or Waite family of America". (Canadice, N.Y. : [s.n.], 1893); Call number of original: CS71.W144 1893. Master microform held by: DLC. Microfilm. Washington, D.C. : Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1978. 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. ; LC CALL NO.: Microfilm67944(C); FORMAT: Book [Microform] ;.
56 S889 Waite, Dennis Byron, b. 1828. (Main). "A genealogical sketch of a branch of the Wait or Waite family of America". (Canadice, N.Y. : [s.n.], 1893.), LC CALL NO.: Microfilm67944(C), FORMAT: Book [Microform].
57 S591 Burgess, Marjorie Cutler, 1915-. "A genealogy of the Cutler family of Lexington, Massachusetts: James and some of his descendants, 1634-1964". (Concord? N.H., 1965);.
58 S1904 Claypool, Edward A.. "A Genealogy of the Descendants of William Kelsey". (Boston:MA, NEHGS, 1928-1929), NEHGS #P3-30226.
59 S117 Ellis, Henry, Sir, 1777-1869. (Main). "A general introduction to Domesday book; accompanied by indexes of the tenants-in-chief, and under-tenants, at the time of the survey: as well as of the holders of lands mentioned in Domesday anterior to the formation of that record: with an abstract of the population of England at the close of the region of William the Conqueror, so far as the same is actually entered. Illustrated by numerous notes and comments.". (Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1971); ISBN: 0-8063-0482-0 ; LC CALL NO.: DA190.D7E51971; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 77-157502.
60 S680 Wilson, Isaiah W. (Main). "A geography and history of the county of Digby, Nova Scotia.". (Belleville, Ont., Mika Studio, 1972); ISBN: 0-919302-50-5 ; LC CALL NO.: F1039.D5W71972; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 74-163365 //r902.
61 S259 Essex Record Office. (Main). "A handlist of parish and nonconformist registers in the Essex Record Office.". ([Chelmsford, Essex : The Office], 1981); ISBN: 0-900360-57-7 (pbk.) ; LC CALL NO.: DA670.E7A17no.76CD1068.E85; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 81-192903 //r882.
62 S1728 Kull, Irving Stoddard. (Added) American Historical Society. (Added). "a history New Jersey". (New York : American Historical Society, 1930-1932); LC CALL NO.: Microfilm86/4630(F); FORMAT: Book [Microform] ;.
63 S280 Comstock, John A.. "A History and Genealogy of the Comstock Family in America". (Boston, NEHGS, 1949); Mss in White Plains Library (Grenville C. MacKenzie).
64 S496 Ferguson, Mabel G. (Main) McLellan, Marion Schurman, joint author. (Added). "A history and geography of Kings County (a centennial review for use in the schools of Kings County, sponsored by the East Kings Local of Nova Scotia Teachers' Union) ". ([Wolfville, N.S., Printed by Lancelot Press Ltd.] 1967 [i.e. 1968] ); LC CALL NO.: F1039.K5F41968; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 75-15670.
65 S982 Ferguson, Mabel G. (Main) McLellan, Marion Schurman, joint author. (Added). "A history and geography of Kings County (a centennial review for use in the schools of Kings County, sponsored by the East Kings Local of Nova Scotia Teachers' Union)". [Wolfville, N.S., Printed by Lancelot Press Ltd.] 1967 [i.e. 1968]; LC CALL NO.: F1039.K5F41968; FORMAT: Book; LCCN: 75-15670; (Baltimore:MD, Eaton Press, reprinted 1972);.
66 S388 Starr, Edward Comfort, 1844-1941. (Main). "A history of Cornwall, Connecticut : a typical New England town". (Torrington, CT : Rainbow Press, 1982); LC CALL NO.: F104.C7S81982; FORMAT: Book ;.
67 S524 Sheldon, George. "A History of Deerfield, Massachusetts". (Boston:MA, Pocumtuck Valley Assoc., 1896, repr. 1983), NEHGS #B2-77650.
68 S1621 Willson, David Harris. "A History of England". (New York:NY, Holt, Rinehart and Winston Inc., 1972), ISBN 0-03-085315-X.
69 S1996 Duruy, Victor (1811-1894). "A History of France". (New York, NY, Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1889).
70 S173 Scott, William W.. "A History of Orange County, Virginia ". (Baltimore:MD, Clearfield Company, (1907) repr. 1996), CC #5275.
71 S89 Riasanovsky, Nicholas V.. "A History of Russia". (New York City:NY, Oxford University Press, Inc., Third Edition-September 24, 1962), ISBN 0-19-502128-2; Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number: 76-42634.
72 S122 Weisse, Jane Lee Hunt. "A History of the Bethune Family, translated from the French of AndrĂ© du Chesne, with additions from family records and other available sources: together with a sketch of the Faneuil Family, with whom the Bethunes have become connected in America". (New York:NY, Trow's Printing and Bookbinding Co., 201-213 East Twelfth St., 1884), Microfilm 84/7987 (C) Copy in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., LOC #85-114039 (Feb. 12, 1985).
73 S169 Putnam, Eben. "A History of the Putnam Family in England and America". (Boston:MA, NEHGS, 1891-1908), NEHGS #P3-48100.
74 S358 Blake, Mortimer. "A History of the Town of Franklin, Massachusetts: From Its Settlement to the Completion of its First Century, 2d March, 1878; With Genealogical Notices of Its Earliest Families, Sketches of its Professional Men, and a Report of the Centennial Celebration ". (Franklin:MA, Higginson Book Company, 1879; reprinted Boston:MA, NEHGS, 1999), NEHGS #P2-077855.
75 S676 Fiore, Jordan D. "a history of Wrentham, 1673-1973; The Records of the Second Church of Wrentham". ([Wrentham, Mass.] Town of Wrentham; [may be obtained at the Fiske Public Library] 1973); LC CALL NO.: F74.W95F56; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 73-166209 //r86;.
76 S428 Clemens, William Montgomery, eds.,. "A Journal of American Ancestry,". (Salt Lake City:UT, FHL, 1999), Microfilms.
77 S617 Society of Genealogists (Great Britain) (Main) Massey, Robert W. (Added) Boyd, Percival. (Added). "A list of parishes in Boyd's marriage index". (London : Society of Genealogists, 1974, c1976, 1979 printing); ISBN: 0-901878-39-1 (pbk.) ; LC CALL NO.: CS434.S61974a; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 80-136901 //r85.
78 S628 Society of Genealogists (Great Britain) (Main) Boyd, Percival. (Added). "A list of parishes in Boyd's marriage index.". (London : Published for the Society of Genealogists [by] Phillimore, 1974); ISBN: 0-85033-049-1 : ; LC CALL NO.: CS434.S61974; DEWEY CLASS NO.: 929/.342 ED: 19 ; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 75-325819 //r852.
79 S769 Lockridge, Kenneth A.. "A New England town: the first hundred years, Dedham, Massachusetts, 1636-1736". (Baltimore:MD, W.W. Norton & Company, 1985), NEHGS #B2-77620; (New York, Norton [1970]); LC CALL NO.: F74.D3L831970; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 69-14703 //r84.
80 S849 Banker, Howard James, 1866-. "A partial history and genealogical record of the Bancker or Banker families of America.". ([Ruthland, Vt., The Tuttle co., printers] 1909).
81 S1755 Bryant, Blanche Brown. "A record of the descendants of James Smith Brown and Polly Maria (Taylor) Brown including their allied families : a sequence to the progenitors and descendants of Thomas Page Brown and Sarah (Sally) (Parker) Brown compiled between 1910-1930 and published in 1938". (Tangerine:Fla, B.B. Bryant, 1962), LC CALL NO.: CS71.B881962a; LCCN: 81-143937.
82 S1756 Cutter, William Richard. "A Report of the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston: Boston Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths, 1630-1699". (Boston:MA, NEHGS, 1883), NEHGS #P2-68250.
83 S530 General City Register. "A Report of the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston: Boston Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths, 1630-1699". (Boston:MA, NEHGS, 1883), NEHGS #P2-68250; (Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1977); ISBN: 0-8063-0784-6 (v. 1) 0-8063-0785-4 (v. 2) ; LC CALL NO.: F73.25.B76421977; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 77-82701 //r84.
84 S948 Slocum, Charles Elihu, 1841-1915. (Main). "A short history of the Slocums, Slocumbs, and Slocombs of America genealogical and biographical : embracing eleven generations of the first-named family, from 1637 to 1881 : with their alliances and the descendants in the female lines as far as ascertained ...". (Syracuse, N.Y. : C.E. Slocum, 1882.), LC CALL NO.: Microfilm53353(C); FORMAT: Book [Microform];.
85 S1893 Nicholson, Nettie Gove. "A tenth generation Yankee from Maine". (West Palm Beach, Fla., 1972?), LC CALL NO.: CS71.G7151972; LCCN: 72-183504.
86 S755 Frane, Lucy Paler. "A transcript of notes compiled by Lucy Paler Frane, The Palmers of Strinington & Allied Family". e-mail documentation(internet, Lucy Paler Frane, 1996).
87 S1761 Rice, Roger E., 1915- (Main). "A treatise on the Rice family : being a genealogical history, our 1638 English immigrant ancestor, Deacon Edmund Rice (1594-1663) thru Oren D. Rice (1808-1872) of Iowa, his progeny, and their issue to the present". ([Oklahoma City] : Rice, 1976-); LC CALL NO.: CS71.R4961976b; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 77-151451 //r90.
88 S409 Sawyer, Ray Cowen, 1895- (Main). "Abstract of wills, probated in the Common Pleas Court, also known as Mayor's Court, 1819-1892; Supreme Court of Judicature, 1821-1829; Supreme Court of Judicature, 1847-1856; Supreme Court of Judicature, 1856-1870, all of New York County, New York City, N.Y.". (New York:NY, New York Historical Society, 1948), LC CALL NO.: KFN5203.2.N54S3; LCCN: 74-194277 //r89.
89 S1919 Middlesex County (Mass.). Registry of deeds (Main) Johnson, E. F. (Added). "Abstracts of early Woburn deeds". (Woburn, Middlesex, MA,Woburn, [1895]).
90 S906 Holman, Mary Lovering. "Abstracts of English Records in Devonshire & Essex". (County Hall, Exeter (Devon) Devonshire County Record Office, 1969), DEWEY CLASS NO.: 016.9142/03; LCCN: 74-169759 //r903.
91 S1714 Rounds, H. L. Peter.. "Abstracts of Hampshire County, Massachusetts probate records, 1687-1745 / compiled by H.L. Peter Rounds.". (Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1987); ISBN: 0806311916.
92 S966 "Account of the Family of Balfour Bethune". (Edinburgh : Printed for private circulation [by] Harley Bros., 1899.); LC CALL NO.: Microfilm86/5216(C); FORMAT: Book [Microform]; photocopies furnished by John Rosser Jr..
93 S523 Smith, Ethel Farrington. (Main) Adam Hawkes Family Assn. (Added). "Adam Hawkes of Saugus, Mass., 1605-1672 ; the first six generations in America". (Baltimore (111 Water St., Baltimore, MD 21202) : Gateway Press, 1980); LC CALL NO.: CS71.H39341980; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 80-69612.
94 S5 Fuller, Robert F., Gerald Ralph, Hortense M.. "Adamic Lineages of Horace Ralph Fuller Family". (Salem, Massachusetts : Peabody Essex Museum ; Mystic, Conn. : Mystic Seaport Museum, 1996); Call # 910.4 S796.
95 S273 Haight, John Sylvanus. "Adventures for God : a history of St. George's Episcopal Church, Hempstead, Long Island". (New York : J.S. Haight, 1932), LC CALL NO.: BX5980.H457H341932;.
96 S2029 Stewart, Frank Ross, Mrs.. "Alabama's Pike County / by Mrs. Frank Ross Stewart, containing a reprint of Pioneer history of Pike County, 1921 / by the Centennial Committee.". (Centre, Ala. : Stewart University Press, 1976-), LC Call No.: F332.P55S8; Dewey No.: 976.1/35 B; Control No.: 346903.
97 S696 John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Jr.. "Albemarle Co., Virginia Marriages: 1780-1853. (Athens:GA, Iberian Publishing Co., 1991) ISBN 0-935931-70-8.
98 S545 Frisher, David Hachett. "Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America". (New York:NY, Oxford University Press, 1991) ISBM 0-19-503794-4.
99 S907 "America Online Genealogy Research Forum". GEDCOM (Genealogy Forum, America Online, 2 Jan 1996) , Electronic.
100 S87 Gary Boyd Roberts & William Addams Teitwiesner. "American Ancestors and Cousins of the Princess of Wales: Diana Frances Spencer". (Baltimore:MD, Genealogy Publishing Co., 1984), Library of Congress #84-81-095; ISBN 0-8063-1085-5; NEHGS #B2-61900.

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