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TNG Consulting by Our Family Histories. Your genealogy website. Just the way you want it.

I want to help you to have a family history website that is everything you imagine, and more. Whether you are just now considering a new website to display your genealogy or you have a been online for years, I can help to make your site perfect for your needs.

About Burning Genes

My name is Bryan S. Larson. After climbing my own family tree for several years, I felt that what was on my computer and in my basement should be available to others online. I started Our Family Histories as a website to share my own genealogy with family members. I have always been good with computers and I was able to get my TNG site started with no prior programming background. As I wanted to further customize my site, I started learning more about the possibilities and the programming that went into building my TNG website. After spending countless hours learning the programming and features of TNG, I have become skilled at working with and manipulating TNG. I have found that there are some people who are intimidated by the technical aspects of TNG and others just don't have the time to make it happen. Still others would like to customize TNG beyond what their technical skills allow.

I am passionate about genealogy and TNG. That is why I decided to offer TNG consulting services. Burning Genes is the set of services dedicated to helping you share your genealogy online.

Bryan S. Larson

Bryan S. Larson

What is TNG?

TNG is the most powerful, flexible and elegant way to share your genealogy online. TNG is the software used on this website and thousands of other family history websites. TNG allows you display your family history on your own website that is customized to fit your preferences. With TNG, you can import data from any genealogy program which uses the gedcom standard (are there any that don't?)

You can learn more about TNG by browsing the genealogy portion of Our Family Histories or by visiting the TNG website

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     I can customize your logo. Here is mine.

What is Burning Genes?

Burning Genes is a personalized service in which I help you with your TNG based family history website. TNG Consulting is ideal for those who would like the features of TNG, but do not have the time or programming skills necessary to build a TNG website. When I started my own TNG website, I was initially overwhelmed by the possibilities and the programming that went into building a TNG website. After spending countless hours learning the programming and features of TNG, I have become a proficient TNG consultant.

Samples of my work

The best way to know what I can do for you is to take a look at what I have done for other clients. Browse through some of the sites I have worked on, read descriptions of what I have done on different projects and read what my clients have to say about my work. Below is a sampling of sites I have worked on. I encourage you to visit and browse all of the sites listed below for ideas and to get a feel for what I can do.

portfolio collage

How much will it cost?

TNG is a great product, and with enough time and effort, most people can figure out how to do the same things that I do. The service I offer is best suited for those who do not have the time and/or the skills to make the changes they wish to make to their TNG site. I have had potential clients who have considered the cost of hiring me (or someone else) and ultimately decided to do the work themselves. I have no objection to that. I try to be straightforward regarding what I charge so that potential clients will make an informed decision. I understand that my consulting service is not for everyone.

The cost of a job depends on the work that needs to be done. You can contact me to find out more about what I can do for you and what it will cost. When I know what you want done I can give you a better idea of what it should cost to complete the job.

When setting my rate, I considered several factors. First, I needed it to be worth my while. I considered what my time is worth working as a professional and the value of my time away from my family. Next, I considered what labor costs often are for other services. When I take my car in for repairs, even though I am often capable of doing the work, having a mechanic do the work gives me the peace of mind in knowing it is done right and it is done much quicker than I could do it myself.

Let's get started!

Contact me using the contact form and I can get to work on your site.