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The Ephraim Bergeson Family Association

The Bergeson family was one of my first clients. Some of the customizations are more subtle - such as the expanding menu items on the home page (click on "Cornish") and some custom built pages.

Header Image

Using images provided by the client, I created a collage image for the header. I used Adobe Photoshop to even out the tones and coloring to create a clean consistent look across the group of photos.

Bergeson home page

Header collage


All of the customizations I did for this website have been wrapped into "Mod" files that work with the TNG Mod Manager. This makes maintaining and upgrading the site much easier.

Bergeson home page

Screenshot from Bergeson home page


The initial work on the Bergeson site began with personal consultation with the responsible family members whom I sat down with to show the capabilities of TNG and to get an idea of what they wanted done with their site.


After completing the initial work on the website, the Bergeson family had me come to their family reunion to give a "Show and Tell" about the site.

Site Maintenance

Once the site was completed, the family members who started the project handed it off to a younger member of the family and asked me to keep the site maintained and up to date. We agreed to a service agreement in which I take care of all updates and renewal of hosting and the domain name with

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