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The Huffstutter Family website

Home Page

For this site, my client wanted to build their site around some beautiful light art photography created by Gerry Hoffstetter. After permission was received from the artist, I built the home page with the image as the focal point. It was important that links, text, etc. not to distract from the picture. I also added a subtle repeating pattern background behind the image to frame it and make it stand out. Out of respect for the artist, I have not included his copyrighted images on my site, but you can see the images and their integration on The Huffstutter Family website. I also created a customized page to acknowledge and thank Gerry Hoffstetter for permission to use his artwork.

Internal Pages

For the internal pages, Ray Huffstutter supplied another image from the same artist and said, "I would like to feel the cold mountains and the Swiss pride of the flag". I created a color scheme using colors sampled from the artwork to build a theme that incorporated the chill of the Alps and the bold red and white of the flag in the dropdown menus.

Huffstutter internal page

Interior Page from Huffstutter website


I helped to set up a WordPress blog to complement the TNG portion of the Hufftutter website. After considering the options of a fully integrated blog vs. a companion blog, it was decided to keep the two components separate. I used the light art photography and similar colors to bring a sense of unity to the blog. Since the initial setup, I have been available to answer questions and make adjustments as necessary.

Personal Consultation

To help Ray and Connie to make the most of their TNG website, I arranged and spoke with them on a conference call to help them in operating their new website. I walked them through the public and administrative functions of TNG as well as making minor adjustments to colors, styles and settings as we spoke to fit their needs.

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