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Family: Joseph Goddard / Emma Tribe (F590)

m. 18 Apr 1865

Family Chart 

George Goddard, Sr.George Goddard, Sr.
Male (1815-1899)
Elizabeth HarrisonElizabeth Harrison
Female (1817-1903)
George Goddard, Jr.George Goddard, Jr.
Male (1840-1852)
Eliza GoddardEliza Goddard
Female (1842-1897)
Annie GoddardAnnie Goddard
Female (1846-1846)
Elizabeth GoddardElizabeth Goddard
Female (1847-1852)
Henry GoddardHenry Goddard
Male (1849-1852)
Cornelius GoddardCornelius Goddard
Male (1850-1851)
Edward GoddardEdward Goddard
Male (1851-1851)
John Harrison GoddardJohn Harrison Goddard
Male (1853-1869)
Alma GoddardAlma Goddard
Male (1855-1855)
Joseph GoddardJoseph Goddard
Male (1843-1911)
Emma TribeEmma Tribe
Female (1849-1914)
Emma GoddardEmma Goddard
Female (1867-1868)
Joseph E. GoddardJoseph E. Goddard
Male (1869-1869)
George Henry GoddardGeorge Henry Goddard
Male (1870-1885)
Ernest GoddardErnest Goddard
Male (1873-1957)
Howard Eugene GoddardHoward Eugene Goddard
Male (1877-1940)
Frank Roy GoddardFrank Roy Goddard
Male (1879-1949)
Mabel GoddardMabel Goddard
Female (1882-1968)
Winnifred GoddardWinnifred Goddard
Female (1885-1980)
Harold Tribe GoddardHarold Tribe Goddard
Male (1891-1952)