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Family: James Cobbley / Emmer T. Thorne (F58824)

m. 20 Dec 1869

Family Chart 

Thomas Cobbley, Jr.Thomas Cobbley, Jr.
Male (1816-1907)
Sarah Elizabeth SmithSarah Elizabeth Smith
Female (1821-1911)
Robert John CobbleyRobert John Cobbley
Male (1844-1931)
Henry CobbleyHenry Cobbley
Male (1849-1849)
Emily CobbleyEmily Cobbley
Female (1850-1875)
Jane CobbleyJane Cobbley
Female (1852- )
Elizabeth CobbleyElizabeth Cobbley
Female (1857-1862)
Annie CobbleyAnnie Cobbley
Female (1859-1862)
John Smith CobbleyJohn Smith Cobbley
Male (1862-1913)
David ThorneDavid Thorne
Male (1797-1876)
Elizabeth ReevesElizabeth Reeves
Female (1810-1881)
Charles ThorneCharles Thorne
Male (1826-1843)
Charles ThorneCharles Thorne
Male (1834-1843)
John ThorneJohn Thorne
Male (1835-1838)
Sarah ThorneSarah Thorne
Female (1836-1836)
George ThorneGeorge Thorne
Male (1840-1919)
Frederick ThorneFrederick Thorne
Male (1842-1909)
Joseph ThorneJoseph Thorne
Male (1844- )
Sarah Ann ThorneSarah Ann Thorne
Female (1844-1914)
James ThorneJames Thorne
Male (1846- )
Robert ThorneRobert Thorne
Male (1847-1928)
David Thomas ThorneDavid Thomas Thorne
Male (1850-1930)
Joseph Ephraim ThorneJoseph Ephraim Thorne
Male (1853-1920)
James Thomas ThorneJames Thomas Thorne
Male (1855-1910)
Hyrum Peter ThorneHyrum Peter Thorne
Male (1857-1857)
James CobbleyJames Cobbley
Male (1846-1917)
Emmer T. ThorneEmmer T. Thorne
Female (1849-1921)
Emmer Ellnora CobbleyEmmer Ellnora Cobbley
Female (1870-1908)
Emily Izella CobbleyEmily Izella Cobbley
Female (1877-1957)
George Thomas CobbleyGeorge Thomas Cobbley
Male (1881-1958)
Robert Henry CobbleyRobert Henry Cobbley
Male (1883-1899)
Effie Jane CobbleyEffie Jane Cobbley
Female (1885-1959)
Etta Mae CobbleyEtta Mae Cobbley
Female (1887-1963)
Joseph Eugene CobbleyJoseph Eugene Cobbley
Male (1889-1957)
Marion Reeves CobbleyMarion Reeves Cobbley
Male (1891-1965)
Dorothy CobbleyDorothy Cobbley
Female (1899-1985)