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Marie Black

Marie Black[1, 2]

Female 1914 - 1973  (59 years)  Submit Photo / DocumentSubmit Photo / Document

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  • Name Marie Black  [3
    Born 30 May 1914  Blanding, San Juan, Utah, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  [3, 4
    Marie Black birth certificate
    Marie Black birth certificate
    Christened 2 Aug 1914 
    Gender Female 
    Died 3 Sep 1973  Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  [3
    Marie Black Laws DuVall death certificate
    Buried 7 Sep 1973  Blanding City Cemetery, Blanding, San Juan, Utah, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  [3, 5
    Marie B. Laws DuVall grave marker
    Person ID I227975  Full Tree | Boulter, Palmer, Timmins, Frint
    Last Modified 29 Mar 2016 

    Father David Patten Black
              b. 10 Feb 1874, Orderville, Kane, Utah, United States Find all individuals with events at this location
              d. 20 Oct 1958, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 84 years) 
    Mother Theda Kartchner
              b. 29 Apr 1875, Panguitch, Garfield, Utah, United States Find all individuals with events at this location
              d. 12 Mar 1962, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 86 years) 
    Married 10 Dec 1892  Pacheco, Galeana, Chihuahua, México Find all individuals with events at this location  [3, 6
    65th Wedding Anniversary
    Family ID F87924  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Husband 1 Julian Asa Laws, Jr.
              b. 9 May 1910, Colonia Díaz, , Chihuahua, México Find all individuals with events at this location
              d. 7 May 1943, Moab, Grand, Utah, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 32 years) 
    Married 15 Oct 1936  Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  [3
    Wedding Program
    +1. Richard Dwight Laws
              b. 26 Nov 1939, Moab, Grand, Utah, United States Find all individuals with events at this location
              d. 10 Mar 2008, Provo, Utah, Utah, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 68 years)
    +2. Living
    +3. Living
    Last Modified 26 Jun 2014 
    Family ID F87946  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Husband 2 Presley Arthur Duvall
              b. 30 May 1915, Little Bear, Laramie, Wyoming, United States Find all individuals with events at this location
              d. 13 Apr 2011, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 95 years) 
    Married 25 Dec 1946  Blanding, San Juan, Utah, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  [3, 7, 8
    +1. Living
     2. Living
    Last Modified 26 Jun 2014 
    Family ID F87831  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Event Map
    Link to Google MapsBorn - 30 May 1914 - Blanding, San Juan, Utah, United States Link to Google Earth
    Link to Google MapsMarried - 15 Oct 1936 - Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States Link to Google Earth
    Link to Google MapsChild - Richard Dwight Laws - 26 Nov 1939 - Moab, Grand, Utah, United States Link to Google Earth
    Link to Google MapsMarried - 25 Dec 1946 - Blanding, San Juan, Utah, United States Link to Google Earth
    Link to Google MapsDied - 3 Sep 1973 - Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States Link to Google Earth
    Link to Google MapsBuried - 7 Sep 1973 - Blanding City Cemetery, Blanding, San Juan, Utah, United States Link to Google Earth
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    Marie Black
    Theda, Dottie, and Marie
    Marie Black

    Patriarchal Blessing
    Funeral Service
    Letter to Oren Frost Black
    Marie Black Patriarchal Blessing

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  • Notes 
    • Md. (2) 25 Dec 1947 Presley Arthur DUVALL
      Marie Duvall resides at 2301 S. 300 . S.L.C., Utah

      From a tribute to 'Dave Black and his children' book, written by themselves or family in 1978
      by Dot Laws her sister:
           "Oh! The fun we had!  Riding from Blanding to the road camps and back each summer; the teeter totter at Kane Springs; walking from Kane Springs to Blue Hill with Dad; in Colorado, waving faithfully to the railroad engineer and claiming him as our own; waving our small American flags on Fourth of July; and eating our candy treat, because it was candy, even though it tasted like face powder; laughing and playing.
           But sometimes, very seldom, I almost hated her because I was her baby sister… fat, ragged, lazy, and very self-conscious, who sat around in a sulk feeling sorry for myself.. and she teased me unmercifully.  I also loved her very much.  I would sneak big spoons full of honey for her when she was told not to get it.  She was always on my side, cared for me when I was ill, gave me things and helped me when possible.  She was popular, could sing and dance, dress well, even a little ahead of the style.  She knew what she wanted, loved nice things, and was willing to put forth what ever it took to be independent and have them.  Then we married brothers and our lives became as one.  She was a mother to my children and I claimed hers as my own.  She never missed any occasion to send us mail, encouragement, compliments or money.
          Marie sang, danced, saw the best in everything and had a good time.  She was ambitious, independent and loved her parents, brothers and sisters very deeply and would do anything for them.  One time she came from Wyoming in her brand new car and took Dad, Mom and us six girls to the new Idaho Falls temple.  A memorable experience.  Another time she wrote, "Few people are blessed with five sisters.  To me you are beautiful, each in your own way and I am blessed in more ways than sisters.  I have never felt the need to go outside my family for love, help, advice, or entertainment.  I am thankful for my wonderful parents who have always set such a good example.  I remember once when some scandal came up from Bluff and the town was very upset.  When I asked what it was, they said they didn't want to add any harm to the poor soul.  I wonder now if I would have remembered the scandal as long as I have the suspense of not knowing, but I still respect them for it and it lends me added caution when I would speak out in front of my children."
           She thought a person should excel in anything they did and they should do everything.  She was a writer and could express the things she felt.  In grade school, she wrote a Christmas poem and the teacher said, "This is so good, I am tempted to question it's originality." 
           Her loyalty to her country was made public when she wrote to the newspaper, AMERICA IS GREAT…."At this Thanksgiving season I wish to go on record as being thankful for my country.. this great land of liberty and freedom; prosperous, immense, a leader, a helper, a refuge and blessed by God.  I know America has weaknesses and faults.  Her weaknesses.. draft dodgers, card burners, flag desecraters, law breakers and dissenters, to who she give of her plenty and freedom.  Her faults… handing out generously of her goods, strength, knowledge and manpower to those who persecute her.
           America makes mistakes… made by well-meaning, active involved dedicated men.  She will never have to build an iron curtain, a stone wall or a barbed fence to keep her honorable citizens!  I would rather be a peasant in America than the ruler of any other country on earth.  Thank God for America!"
           She forever noticed and commented on all the grander and beauty of the universe and it's inhabitants and the great blessings they are, as expressed in her letters, "I am thinking about Heaven.  Seems it would be a pretty dull and uninteresting if everyone were  perfect.  It is our little carnal weaknesses and imperfections that makes us all different, and variety is certainly the spice of life.
           I wouldn't want sameness, even in the weather.  I would hate a place that was always the same.  I love a violent storm occasionally and a blistering hot day makes me appreciate the mild ones more.  I wouldn't want things to be green all year; I want to enjoy the miracle of life and growth as spring clamors to be seen and heard after the glorious beauty of snow on a seemingly dead branch.  The song of the meadow lark and the fat greedy robin are doubly sweet in summer, because of the lack of that music with ice and sleet.  I would not mind the flying or crawling insects if I had enough understanding and patience to appreciate their sphere.  Why am I thinking of Heaven? It just put on a spectacular demonstration of fireworks.  Wouldn't it be awful to live above the skies and miss the grandeur of a thunder storm?"
           Another time expressing her blessings she included; "The diamond studded snow… that I have fallen down in three times this winter; the life giving sun…that makes me perspire until I am too stinky to associate;  the beautiful flowers… that I am too trashy to tend and cultivate.  The white fleecy clouds… that drift as unaccomplishinly as I;  the black thunder storm that scowls and shrieks.. which I so often mimic;  the bird in the leafy tree top… whose song makes mine, by comparison unworthy to sing.  The blue, white capped mountains, that turn to pink in the suns after glow… and makes me hurt inside with my desire to capture forever inside me the exquisite beauty and peace it portrays;  Makes me know that grand old mother nature is part of God and that these things are all my blessings.   The very un-eventfulness of my life is another great blessing.  The fact that I have needed no miracle of healing, restoring, or providing, is a greater blessing than such a miracle could ever be.  We live in a land of Liberty and what a wonderful thing to be free."
           She married Julian Asa Laws (b. 9 May 1910) in the Salt Lake Temple.  They had one boy and two girls.  When Marie was eight months pregnant with Vicky, a vanadium mill tragedy scalded Asa in a vat of hot sand and water.  He lived 24 hours, although he was cooked inside and out and he died 7 May 1943. Marie's life had been a series of frightening shocks and disappointments, and this capped them all.  But dependency, emotions, or self-pity were a weakness she never allowed herself to have, so she held her head high, made a new life for herself and never gave in.
           She wrote to me after Bill died and said, "I am home alone, watching the snow fall, listening to Christmas carols and crying for you.  Death has an advantage that nothing else does.  We do not have to feel responsible for it nor answer for it.  I guess it is the only action we make that we don't have to account for.  We have to suffer because of it, but at least not take the blame.  I know how bad it is for you and know it will get worse before it gets better.  The Lord must love and trust a family a lot to take their bread winner, council and moral support.  'He' knows about you, Dottie, take courage, enjoy your kids and don't let them feel any bitterness.  We love you very much."
           Marie married Presley Arthur DuVall (b. 30 May 1915), a Wyoming cowboy who gave up this life he loved and became an 8 to 5 Salt Lake City welder for Marie's sake, but he never complained or criticized.  They had one boy and one girl.
           Marie was ill the whole summer of 1973 from open heart surgery and then cancer took her life.  Living the gospel was Marie's main goal and her testimony never wavered.  When it was her time to go, she was ready.  Presley was by her side, night and day, loving, caring and helping, and he has already been given some reward for his unselfish sacrifice and devotion.  The blessings of the gospel and after Marie's death, a very special, wonderful wife for time and eternity."

      Obituary and History by GenaVee Steele Broderick
           "Marie Balck Laws Duvall was born may 31, 1914, in
      Blanding, San Juan, Utah. She was the first child born to David Patten and Theda Kartchner Black after they and their other children were driven from their home in Pacheco, Old Mexico by the rebels during the Mexican Revolution.  She was the 5th daughter and the 9th child in a family of ten.  She grew up in Blanding and attended school there as a little freckled face, left-handed eager to learn pupil.  She loved school, loved to learn, to read about places and things, especially the exotic parts of life.  She like to write stories and poetry, book reports and to give readings.  She could express herself very well and often won prizes for her compositions.  She had a good memory and made the most of every learning experience or situation.
           She spent a great deal of her younger years on road camps in southern Utah and Colorado as her father was a road contractor and her mother cooked for the work crews.  I'm sure it was at this time - roaming the hills and playing in the rocks, that she began to acquire her great awareness and appreciation for nature and the beautiful things of the world around her.  She could always see beauty in the simple creation - a  gnarled cedar stump, a moss covered rock, a tiny obscure plant or even a common stick.  Also at a very young age she developed a great concern and empathy for people.  She liked people and worried about the old, the infirm, the crippled, the unpopular, the poor and the unhappy. 
           As the years went by Marie grew into a good looking, ambitious, popular girl.  She had a great desire and longing to possess the nice material things of life and she was willing to work hard to get them.  She was proud- but not vain.  When she wanted something she was willing to put forth the effort to get it.  She learned to design and sew her own clothes and had beautiful, fashionable dresses.  It was important to her that she looked nice and she always did.  She sang in a ward choir from the time she was sixteen and served her assignments well in the Church.  The faith and testimony of knowing the gospel is true was a constant thing for her - something which grew right along with her physical body.
           Everyone in town was her friend and her special gang of young friends meant a great deal to her.  Their pleasures were limited financially so they made their own fun.  They danced and partied and really enjoyed themselves.  She had lots of boyfriends and how she loved to dress up fancy and go to the dance.  She said she danced to school and then danced home and she danced as she worked.  She said if she ever had a total commitment to any one thing it was dancing.
           Aunt Marie had a happy, secure family life.  The home she grew up in was one where gospel principles were taught and where they were lived.  The children were taught to be respectful and dignified in their thoughts and actions.  Aunt Marie was a loyal and devoted daughter to her parents.  She had a lasting respect, love and companionship with her many brothers and sisters.  Throughout her life she was one to keep the family active and together, planning picnics, fun and outings - which has been a great factor in the closeness and togetherness of the family.
           A strong yearning to do something more with her life was always paramount in her mind.  Lack of funds kept her from college or a mission so after graduation she went back another year to high school - a sort of post graduate work.  She was never content if she was not learning or using and improving her mind.
           When Marie was 14 years old she met Asa Laws for the first time at a party.  He was about 18 then.  She was not particularly impressed with nor interested in him at first and laughed when she heard that he had told his friends he was going to marry that pretty girl he had met at the party - the one who had too much lipstick on.
           It took Asa eight and a half years to get her convinced, but he was patient and determined and knew that he didn't like to dance.  When Marie was 23, she and Asa came to Salt Lake in an old jalopy with Bill and Dot as the chaperones, and they were married in the Salt Lake temple on October 15, 1936.  They went back to Blanding and worked together at building their home and raising a family.  She kept her house clean and neat and sang and whistled as she busied with her tasks.  Dwight and Theda were born here and these two kids were the delight of Asa's life as he love children.  They had been married about six and a half years and were expecting their 3rd child when Asa was killed in a terrible mine accident.  Vicky was born about three weeks after her Dad died.
           Aunt Rie stayed in Blanding for a while but she could not find work to support her family so she urged her mother and father to move with her to Salt Lake where she could find employment and they could help her with the children and work in the temple.  It was a hard time for Marie in many ways but she was determined to be independent and have security for her family so she worked long and hard.
           Uncle Asa had spent some of his married life sheering sheep and Marie went along with him on several trips.  They often sheared sheep in Wyoming on the DuVall ranch where they became acquainted with Roy DuVall and his good family.  Roy's daughter-in-law, Emma, corresponded a little through the years.  Emma began coaxing Marie now to come to Wyoming and visit - soon she started writing about Presley and tried a little 'mach-making'.  Finally Marie agreed to Emma's insistent invitation and went to Wyoming to spend the week-end. 
           Here she became re-acquainted with Preesley and he took her to the rodeo and then to the dance, and I think that's what did the trick.  Aunt Rie came back to Salt Lake and she and Pres wrote to each other through the summer and after a visit or two they decided to get married - so he came out at Christmas time and they were married in Blanding at Uncle Frost's and Aunt Lucille's home on Christmas Day in 1946.
           Presley moved his ready-made family to the large DuVall ranch in Little Bear.  The DuValls were a fine family - good, honorable people with high standards.  They were happy, contented, hard working, productive people who had a great value for work.  They accepted Marie and her family and she developed a great love and respect and high regard for all of them.  All of Presley's live brothers and sisters with their companions have come from Wyoming to be with him today.
           It was a good life in Wyoming.  Marie loved the ranch life and worked hard but she had some difficult health problems which made it impossible for her to stay in Wyoming any longer.  Presley gave up all he loved so much for Marie because of his great love and concern for her.  He brought her to Salt Lake where they have resided since.  They made a good life and marriage together.  We all know that Presley longed to be home on the ranch for he loved the wide-open spaces, his sheep, and the cowboy life, and then to come to the city and be confined to an inside job on a tiny busy street corner in Salt Lake was completely against his nature.  But he never complained, he got in and made the best of the situation and his every desire was to make Marie happy and have her well.  Dear Uncle Presley, he is truly an example of complete unselfishness.  He is kind, patient, honest, and good.  I hope he knows of the high regard, the love and respect we all feel for him.  Every member of the family has loved and accepted him and has appreciated his goodness and helpfulness to all.  Our humble prayers are with him - and the Lord will look after him and be mindful of him and his needs.
           Uncle Presley joined the L.D.S. Church after moving to Utah and he and Aunt Marie had many productive years of church service, accepting assignments and positions willingly.  Marie had an almost over-active sense of duty which made her diligent and responsible in her assignments.  Presley has always accepted and treated Dwight, Jiff and Theda as his very own and things were no different when Ken and Rita were born.  I'm sure Uncle Presley would loved to have raised these last two kids of his on the ranch in Wyoming.
           Marie and Presley were especially proud of their five children and their accomplishments, achievements, and their desire to live the gospel and serve the Lord and to constantly seek to improve their lives.
            Throughout Marie's life she has always been a very humble, prayerful person.  She had a natural goodness - a true, strong faith.  Her testimony of the gospel was active and most  precious to her and her happiest knowledge was that God, Our Heavenly Father, lives and her strongest belief was that we will someday - someway find the courage and the will-power to over come.
           We visited her about a week before she died, on one of her good days, and she said, "I had the Bishop come over last night and give me a temple recommend, I'm afraid through all this sickness I let mine expire."  She said, "I never like to be without my recommend."  Even though she knew she would never use it again she didn't want to leave this life without one.
           Aunt Marie died September 3, 1973, in the LDS hospital in Salt Lake, after many months of suffering and pain.  It was her time to go and she was ready." [3]

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