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of, Berum, Hannover, Preussen



Latitude: 45.33608, Longitude: -93.71052


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 East Friesland, Countess Anna von  1503of, Berum, Hannover, Preussen I73693
2 East Friesland, Countess Armgard von  Abt 1504of, Berum, Hannover, Preussen I73694
3 East Friesland, Countess Elisabeth von  10 Jan 1531of, Berum, Hannover, Preussen I72593
4 East Friesland, Count Enno II von  Aug 1505of, Berum, Hannover, Preussen I73683
5 East Friesland, Countess Hebe von  1457of, Berum, Hannover, Preussen I65639
6 East Friesland, Countess Hedwig von  29 Jun 1535of, Berum, Hannover, Preussen I73688
7 East Friesland, Countess Margarethe von  1500of, Berum, Hannover, Preussen I70182
8 East Friesland, Countess Marie von  1 May 1582of, Berum, Hannover, Preussen I65638
9 East Friesland, Countess Theda von  1502of, Berum, Hannover, Preussen I73692
10 East Friesland, Count Ulrich von  1499of, Berum, Hannover, Preussen I73691
11 East Friesland-Falkenburg, Count Johann von  1506of, Berum, Hannover, Preussen I73695


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 East Friesland / Oldenburg  6 Mar 1530of, Berum, Hannover, Preussen F32668
2 East Friesland / Rietberg  8 Jul 1498of, Berum, Hannover, Preussen F29139
3 East Friesland-Norden / Ukena  27 May 1453of, Berum, Hannover, Preussen F32669