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of, Afton, Devon, England



Latitude: 59.3415488888889, Longitude: 11.2547527777778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Affeton, Catherine Baroness of Fitz Warin  Abt 1404of, Afton, Devon, England I50890
2 Affeton, John  Abt 1255of, Afton, Devon, England I116284
3 Affeton, Robert  Abt 1220of, Afton, Devon, England I116286
4 Affeton, Mrs. Robert  Abt 1224of, Afton, Devon, England I116287
5 Affeton, Thomas  Abt 1295of, Afton, Devon, England I116282
6 Affeton, Mrs. Thomas  Abt 1299of, Afton, Devon, England I116283
7 Affeton, Thomas  Abt 1320of, Afton, Devon, England I116268
8 Affeton, Thomas  Abt 1348of, Afton, Devon, England I116263
9 Hill, Anne  Abt 1533of, Afton, Devon, England I129980
10 Stewkeley, Margaret  1500of, Afton, Devon, England I129969
11 Stewkley, Anne  Abt 1521of, Afton, Devon, England I129993
12 Stewkley, Audrie  Abt 1530of, Afton, Devon, England I7345
13 Stewkley, Christopher  Abt 1504of, Afton, Devon, England I130002
14 Stewkley, George  Abt 1506of, Afton, Devon, England I130003
15 Stewkley, George  Abt 1531of, Afton, Devon, England I129987
16 Stewkley, Hugh  1496of, Afton, Devon, England I129984
17 Stewkley, Hugh  Abt 1555of, Afton, Devon, England I129982
18 Stewkley, Lewis  1529of, Afton, Devon, England I129979
19 Stewkley, Maurice  Abt 1502of, Afton, Devon, England I130001
20 Stewkley, Scipio  Abt 1553of, Afton, Devon, England I129981
21 Stewkley, Thomas Sr.  24 Jun 1473of, Afton, Devon, England I129989
22 Stewkley, Thomas Jr.  Abt 1498of, Afton, Devon, England I129991
23 Stewkley, Thomazin  Abt 1502of, Afton, Devon, England I130000
24 Stucley, John  1551of, Afton, Devon, England I129951
25 Stucley, Katherine  1577of, Afton, Devon, England I129953
26 Stucley, Lewis  1574of, Afton, Devon, England I129950
27 Stucley, Mary  Abt 1570of, Afton, Devon, England I129955
28 Stukeley, Alice  Abt 1431of, Afton, Devon, England I51988
29 Stukeley, Nicholas  1451of, Afton, Devon, England I129918
30 Wolrington, Joane  Abt 1277of, Afton, Devon, England I116275
31 Wolrington, Matthew  Abt 1250of, Afton, Devon, England I116276
32 Wolrington, Mrs. Matthew  Abt 1254of, Afton, Devon, England I116277
33 Wood, Anne  Abt 1477of, Afton, Devon, England I129990


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Stewkley, Lewis  of, Afton, Devon, England I129979
2 Stukeley, Nicholas  of, Afton, Devon, England I129918


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Affeton /   Abt 1279of, Afton, Devon, England F47247
2 Affeton / Affeton  Abt 1244of, Afton, Devon, England F47248
3 Affeton / Affeton  Abt 1319of, Afton, Devon, England F47246
4 Affeton / Hatch  Abt 1344of, Afton, Devon, England F47239
5 Affeton / Manningford  Abt 1371of, Afton, Devon, England F47237
6 Affeton / Manningford  Abt 1403of, Afton, Devon, England F39742
7 Hill / Brent  Abt 1514of, Afton, Devon, England F51332
8 Stewkley / Pollard  Abt 1520of, Afton, Devon, England F51333
9 Stewkley / Wood  Abt 1495of, Afton, Devon, England F51334
10 Stukeley / Affeton  Abt 1431of, Afton, Devon, England F39916
11 Wolrington / Wolrington  Abt 1274of, Afton, Devon, England F47243